Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Young Widows' Club

This article has an interesting take-away that resonated with me:

Part of grief means losing the dreams you had, but life can be beautiful post-loss.
I have found this to be true in my own life. I hope you find it helpful.


Rb said...

So i have lost my hubby 14months ago and i cant carry On..he was the best in my life and did evertying for me. He worshipped Thr ground i walked On. We have 2 daughters and today i was told to please let him go. How do i do this. He was my everything ...i cant function without him.thx

Vic said...

Hi Rb, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Who told you to "please let him go?" The only person you answer to about grief is yourself. How do you "let go" of someone who will always be a part of you? Did this person provide a set of "letting go" instructions for you to follow? What does "let him go" even mean?

My experience is that people asking / telling others to "let go" usually just want to feel better about themselves. Your grief makes them uncomfortable. Well guess what - TOUGH! It sucks to be them. You have enough on your plate. You aren't responsible for their feelings.

Are there any Grief Support Groups in your area? Attending one made a big difference for me.


beckster said...

Vic, I see you have stopped posting to this blog, and I hope that means that you have found some peace and renewed life after the acute phase of grieving the loss of your wife. I wanted to thank you for this blog and the information you have shared. My husband died 3 months ago, and I am devastated, but following in your footsteps trying to figure out how to go on. Your words of wisdom and experience have been invaluable.